Sardar Gabbar Singh as ‘SarDard’ Gabbar Singh?

Sardar Gabbar Singh as ‘SarDard’ Gabbar Singh?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan latest movie Sardaar Gabbar Singh which was released in both Telugu and Hindi languages with a lot of buzz today. Earlier before the release Bollywood Critic KRK has made sensational comments on Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie.

He also said he will run nude in two telugu states if there are not more than 10 audience in the theater.

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Now he has yet again made sensation statements about Sardaar gabbar singh movie. He called ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh as ‘SarDard Gabbar Signh’. SarDard is a hindhi word for headache.

Ram Gopal varma has also tweeted on Sardaar gabbar Singh

Let us see how Pawan Kalyan Fans react on these statements by KRK on Twitter

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