Sardaar Gabbar Singh Hit or Flop?

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Hit or Flop?

Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh has hit the screens with a lot of buzz today. What is the Story of Sardaar Gabbar Singh? What is the story behind Ratanpur.

Let us know more details Sardaar Gabbar Singh Story line and performances.

Story Line:-

Sardaar Gabbar Singh(Pawan Kalyan) a happy police officer who gets transferred to a town called Ratanpur. Gabbar Singh finds out that the town is suffering from Bhairav Singh(Sharad Kelkar).

As the time passes, princess of Ratanpur Arshi (Kajal Aggarwal) falls in love with Sardaar. Soon Gabbar Singh will come to know that he is transferred to Ratanpur town to solve the problems of princess and her family which is under threat from Bhairav Singh.

Rest of the story is how Gabbar Singh fights with the Bhairav Singh and solves problems of princess and the Ratanpur town.

Plus Points:-

As all know the major asset for Sardaar Gabbar Singh is power star pawan kalyan. From the beginning it is Pawan Kalyan attracts the attention of all the audiences.

Kajal Aggarwal looks gorgeous as a princess in the film. Her royal look as a princess looks incredible.

Sharad Kelkar makes a Tollywood debut in this film. He is menacing as the bad guy and did justice to his role in the film.

First half of the film is good with some interesting scenes. Brahmanandam is decent in his role and tried his best to make audiences laughs. Interval bang and the comedy skit that comes during the second half has been written well. Mukesh Rishi does his supporting role naturally.

Final Verdict : – Movie completely depends on Pawan Kalyan to make the viewers sit. 

On the whole, Sardaar Gabbar Singh will go well with all Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans. His solid screen presence and energetic performance that will bind you completely. Impressive first half and some stylish thrills are basic assets.

There are no major twists and turns as the film moves on a single thread till the end.

The proceedings are quite predictable.

Sharad Kelkar’s character was shown as powerful in the first half and that was not maintained towards the end.

A weak story line, lengthy run time and a dragged second half spoil the fun.

Ratings : 3 out of 5.0

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