Vangaveeti – Ram Gopal Varma Strong Warning to All Rowdies

Vangaveeti – Ram Gopal Varma Strong Warning to All Rowdies

Early today morning, RGV Tweeted saying ‘Going to Vijayawada on 26th to meet some people for the research on “Vangaveeti”‘

This tweet has created a buzz among the people and started thinking on with whom RGV is going to meet in Vijayawada for his research on new film “Vangaveeti”.

Later in the evening tweeted as ‘Vijayawada raavaddhani warning isthunna vaallaki naa counter warning neneppudostha yekkadunta cheptha. meeku dammunte mumbailo adugu pettandi‘ which looks like someone has warned RGV for making a film on “Vangaveeti”.

Looks like RGV has given a strong reply to those people who has warned RGV.

He also dared them to Visit the place and hotel where RGV is statying in Vijayawada. He also said, “Naaku warning isthunna ivvalti Vijayawada rowdylu thelusukovaaksindhi nenu aanati Rowdyla tho thirigina asalu sisalaina nijamaina Rowdyni”

As we well know RGV the Brand who creates sensation with just his tweets.

Let us wait and see how the other side of people reacts to his statements.

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