Priyanka Chopra attempted suicide for thrice

Priyanka Chopra attempted suicide for thrice

Prakash Jaju, former manager of Priyanka Chopra took to Twitter on Saturday to claim that she had attempted suicide to kill herself and that he had saved her not just once, Thrice he saved her.

Priyanka might be enjoying a great feat in Bollywood as well as Hollywood these days, but things weren’t too happy during her initial days in Bollywood industry. Prakash Jaju took to Twitter to make a few revelations about the Quantico star.

He also said he made these details to public to create awareness among parents whose daughters aspired to enter the film industry.

His tweets says

“‘DEPRESSION DEPRESSION DEPRESSION … Bollywood’s name should be changed to “DepressionWood” :)'”

“Only reason for depression is loneliness. If your family is with you 24×7 you can never have depression.”

“Though Priyanka looked strong on the outside, she had faced difficult times with her ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant, with whom she would have fights and drive to his house late in the night.”

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